G Balik

г.Алматы, ул. Розыбакиева, 263, Mega Center Alma-Ata, 3 этаж.

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В заведении приятная и спокойная атмосфера. Паркинг находится на территории. Вы также можете найти полный бар алкоголя. Остальную информацию можно узнать по отзывам или посетив заведение по адресу: г. Алматы, ул. Розыбакиева, 263, Mega Center Alma-Ata, 3 этаж..

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  • Ресторан
Кухня: Турецкая
Средний чек на персону: от 3 000 тг. до 5 000 тг.
Описание деятельности: Парковка,

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Отзывы (2)

1 год назад
Вчера были в ресторане турецкой кухни Балык, который находится в Мега центре (2). Очень вкусная кухня и свежие продукты. Приятный интерьер и достойное сервис. Намного лучше ресторанов Parmigiano group.
1 год назад
Being pregnant and having a craving for seafood, I have been here about 3 times this month. I was obsessed with the seafood risotto and all the hot and cold appetizers which are totally yummy, and now that I have eaten there a few times, I feel confident in reviewing. It's good, no doubt about it and service is fine, though it was much better when they first opened and had all the Turkish people there. The establishment is quite large and feels very crisp and clean. It has a comfortable aura and the managers?? Are always greeting the guest with welcomes or farewells. Now, my only complaint for this restaurant is that everything tastes the same. That is what put me off now, actually. To me it feels like most of the items which include seafood (pretty much all, of coursel) have the same exact thing in them, meaning same texture (soft... a bit too soft for me, I like a little crunch in my octopus and squid) and flavor. It has been frustrating for me since I love seafood so much. ): In general everything tastes pretty fresh but just... too soft... It's like food for grandma ): Anyways, it's a lovely place, it really is and the prices are ok. A bit high, and I was shocked that hummus of all things was nearly 2000 tenge... Oh, but I love the bread basket here :) the fish is fine, but I will continue on my search for the perfect seafood here in Almaty!

Алматы, ул. Розыбакиева, 263, Mega Center Alma-Ata, 3 этаж.
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